Department of Handicrafts facilitates for the economic development of the craftsmen along with the country through the production and sale of handicrafts within and across the country. The department provides fellowship for the research of traditional techniques of handicrafts, documents the findings, publishes books on handicrafts, organizes workshops and seminars on the skills and technique of handicrafts, informs and instructs the craftsmen, introduces modern technology for the production of the handicrafts. Handicrafts evolve from works of art. A work of art is creative, innovative and autonomous. Taking the same work of art as a model, if we make similar pieces, such works become handicrafts. They have beauty and aesthetic pleasure. Ordinary workers also can be trained to become a craftsman.  Handicrafts contribute to carve the national identity. Headed by one of the Members of Academic Council, the Department is working to encourage craftsmen by providing them supports and to find market for their products.



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