There are some arts which cannot be put under the categories as painting, sculpture, folk art and handicraft are put under Department of Other Creative Arts. The Department includes architecture, alternative art, video art, installation art, performance art, new media art, photography, design, cartoon, etc. Such artworks break away from the main stream arts as purely painting and sculpture.  A genre of art has its own boundary and limitation but these alternative art forms break the boundary between various art forms and media, and integrate various art genres within a work of art. They do not strictly follow the rule of creating art, instead the rules evolve on the process of creation. This art form is experimental in nature. The Department conducts research to find such aspects in our own culture and tradition, studies the alternative trends of contemporary arts, and introduces them to the contemporary Nepali artists through workshops, seminars and talk programs. Headed by one of the Members of Academic Council, the Department attempts to encourage and strengthen novel aspects of contemporary art practices and on architecture.